Three Landscaping Advantages of a Ride-On Lawn Mower Model

Posted on: 12 October 2022

With so many kinds of lawn mowers available on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what your best option is. Riding mowers are a tempting choice — but are they right for your garden? Read on to learn more about how a ride-on lawn mower could revolutionise the way you care for your landscaping.

#1: An efficient way to cover a larger space.

Large lawns are a beautiful, practical addition to any garden. They give you room to play, relax and spend time with your family, they look gorgeous when properly maintained and they provide the perfect frame for other elements of your garden landscaping. The larger the lawn, though, the harder it is to look after — particularly during the warmer months when you might find yourself mowing it on a twice-weekly basis to keep up with the fresh growth. The single most obvious benefit of a riding mower is that it takes the strain out of getting this done; you won't be on your feet all afternoon, pushing an unwieldy manual machine from edge to edge.

#2: Smoother lawns and a neater, crisper finish.

A perfectly striped lawn is the pride and joy of any large garden, but those precise lines don't get there by accident! If you're invested in the pristine look, a ride-on lawnmower will give you the level of precision you need to keep your edges as straight as possible. Modern riding mowers are often 'zero turn' models operated by lever rather than wheel, giving the rider control over each wheel individually. This means you can rotate the mower on the spot and move in any direction you need to--making the perfect set of stripes more achievable than ever.

#3: Perfect edges around different landscaping elements.

If you've put effort into the landscaping of your garden, you'll want to show it off to its best advantage! Manual mowers aren't good at cornering, and they can be difficult to manoeuvre — particularly those designed to work across a larger space. This can leave the edges of your flowerbeds, rockeries and other elements looking a little crooked or raggedy, especially given that it can be difficult to know if you're walking in a totally straight line as you push the machine. Ride-on mowers are much easier to keep straight and a great deal less effort to corner, meaning you'll swoop around the lines and curves of your garden layout with ease. This goes double if you get a zero-turn model!

For more information on a ride-on mower, contact a professional near you.