How to Plan a Major Renovation in Your Back Garden

Posted on: 21 June 2022

If your backyard is in a sorry state and has not received much attention for years, you may be thinking about starting from scratch. In this case, you may want to get rid of a lot of dense foliage, some small trees and some unwanted banking. You might be thinking about adding a verdant lawn, some nice flowerbeds or even a new pool in their place. Certainly, this is a significant project and one that will take some time, but you'll also want to budget for this and include the necessary machines to help you achieve your goal. What items of heavy equipment might you need to simplify the overall task?

Making Initial Preparations

Before you get too carried away with the project, ensure that you have the necessary permission to carry out any work and are aware of what may be lurking beneath your yard. For example, if you have some mature trees and need to remove them, you should seek permission from your local government first. Some trees are protected, and you may only be able to remove them if they are diseased.

Being Aware

You may also need to get in touch with local utility companies to see if they have run any conduit, cabling or piping below your garden. You may be able to call a central phone number in your town or city that will help you to plan before you dig.

Hiring an Excavator

Due to the condition of your back garden, you will probably need to get rid of quite a lot of surface debris and excavate the topsoil. For this, you may need a small excavator or bobcat, which will certainly make life easier if you have a large area to clear. Your needs will depend on your objectives, as you'll need to dig down a lot further if you plan on installing a pool than if you just wanted to add a fresh lawn.

Using a Compactor

If you intend to add a new lawn, you may need to bring in a compactor once you have excavated and added the new soil. This is an important step if you want your lawn to thrive in its new environment and intend to be proud of your addition.

Getting the Equipment

You may need additional machinery or equipment and should discuss your requirements with your local equipment provider. They can hire some earthmoving equipment with all the necessary additions or tools and may be able to give you some additional tips along the way.

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