Commercial Landscaping: Preserving the Appeal of Your Lawn

Posted on: 13 March 2018

The lawn is a critical element in the commercial landscape. If the natural turf is neglected, the appeal of the entire property will decline. In simple terms, your space will look wild and neglected, and the customers, investors and partners might form a poor impression of your business operations. Also, you should note that unkempt lawns can conceal dangers such as holes, harmful pets and tripping hazards. Here are some care tips to help you preserve the beauty of your lawn.

Plan for Regular Mowing

You should establish a regular routine for mowing, especially during the growing season. Proper mowing will manage the growth of the grass, preventing the landscape from becoming wild. When cutting the grass, you should always do so in straight lines. Otherwise, the residue pattern on the grass will look chaotic. You should also remember not to cut off too much grass. If the turf becomes too short, it will not grow as expected. In addition, you must use sharp blades when mowing. If the blades are dull, the grass will become bruised and infected.

Edge the Turf Periodically

You should not allow the edge of your natural turf to become shabby. Under ideal circumstances, the lawn should have a clear edge which will mark the division between the grass and the bed area or hardscape. You should obtain a powered edger to help you keep this element of your landscape in control. Alternatively, you can utilise a weed-eater; if it is held vertically, it can create a good edge. This practice will prevent the spread of your grass to other areas.

Control Weeds on Your Lawn

Weeds or unwanted plants can ruin the aesthetics of your commercial landscape. Moreover, if weeds grow on your lawn, they will compete for precious nutrients, moisture and sunlight. As a result, your grass could decline in health. Therefore, you should make time for weed control. In general, a healthy lawn will have minimal weeds. So, you should uphold the best lawn maintenance practices such as mowing frequently, watering and soil amendment. If you notice weeds growing, you should opt for manual removal over herbicides for environmental wellness.

Apply Some Fertiliser

Finally, you should think about using some fertiliser to enrich your soil for the healthy growth of grass. Typically, if your lawn receives the right nutrients, it will become greener and more luscious over time. You can purchase commercial fertiliser to improve specific aspects of the soil. You can also choose organic fertilisers if you want to avoid chemical-based products.

For more information or assistance, contact a local commercial landscape service.