4 Types of Paving Options to Consider for Your Garden

Posted on: 30 July 2021

Adding a paved patio or walkway to your garden is one of the best ways to take it to the next level, reducing your maintenance needs and reducing the risk of anyone trampling your lawn or flowerbeds. Of course, with so many paving options out there, it can be hard to know which to pick. Before your head to your local landscape building supplies store, take a look at this rundown of four of the most popular paving choices and their benefits.

1. Granite paving

One of the most popular choices among garden owners these days is granite paving, which owes part of its popularity to its versatility. Granite comes in a wide range of attractive colours to suit any garden, from grey to beige to brown to pink. They have a classic look and feel that works perfectly with all landscaping design styles, and best of all, they're one of the most durable and low maintenance options around.

2. Riven paving 

If you love the durability and minimal maintenance of granite but you want a more rustic look to suit the natural outdoors, you can't go wrong with riven paving. Riven paving is created by splitting larger granite slabs into smaller pieces, which leads to a uniquely beautiful finish with tons of textural variation. On top of its great design, riven paving brings wonderful natural slip-resistance, making it perfect for families with young children, senior relatives or any other family members with mobility issues. 

3. Porcelain paving 

Porcelain paving tiles are one of the most modern options available today. These days, porcelain slabs can be engineered to be more hard-wearing and lower-maintenance than ever before. They mimic the appearance of carved stone, so they look great in any natural landscape, and they bring plenty of practical benefits too. The porcelain finish will last a long time and prove to be a great investment due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures without getting damaged. Another great advantage of porcelain tiles is that they will not be prone to fading if subjected to hotter temperatures.

4. Slate paving 

Last but not least, slate paving is gaining popularity thanks to its sleek and modern look. While it does bring a natural-feeling rustic texture to a garden, it also has a clean finish, and its natural dark grey tone fits great with contemporary landscaping design. Slate also boasts high levels of stain resistance, and its durability means it will hold up for decades no matter how often your family uses your patio or walkway.

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