Essential Services That Top Land Re-Vegetation and Landscaping Service Providers Offer

Posted on: 10 February 2019

Land in Australia is expensive. However, if you are looking to buy property on the cheap, you can purchase mine land that is sold for reclamation purposes. If you decide to go this route, then you should know that landscaping such land is no easy task. This is because the topsoil is stripped away and special treatment is required to re-vegetate the land. Part of such treatment involves spraying the land with a slurry mixture of seed, fertiliser, mulch and water. The resulting mulch mixture retains enough moisture for seed germination. Given the complicated nature of this form of land reclamation, top land reclamation firms provide more than the standard services. This article highlights additional services you should look out for in a top land reclamation firm.

Wide Variety of Plant Species — Most land reclamation service providers focus on growing grass. The reason is that grass is probably the easiest and cheapest way to rejuvenate barren land. That said, not all property owners want their reclaimed land to have grass alone. Some homeowners prefer to have native trees, shrubs, and creepers as part of their landscape. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a firm that understands and specialises in a wide variety of tree species. Additionally, since different vegetation grows and flourishes in different areas, you need a landscaping service provider that offers native vegetation solutions, like spray grass, for overburdened land.

Synthetic Grass Rehabilitation — Although it is possible to re-vegetate land that is overburdened by mining, some sections might be challenging, and in some cases impossible, to re-vegetate. If your property has such a part, it makes little sense to hire a landscaping firm that only offers to grow natural grass on your property. You will end up paying more over an extended period. A top landscaping firm will carry out tests and determine sections on your land that can be re-vegetated and those that cannot. For areas that are impossible to grow vegetation, it is best to use synthetic grass. Therefore, if you hire a service provider that offers both re-vegetation services as well as artificial grass landscaping, you will save on costs by dealing with a single firm as opposed to engaging a turf installation specialist on the side.

After Care Maintenance — Maintaining re-vegetated mine land is a long and tiring process. Some firms take care of the mulch mixture only until germination occurs; after that, maintenance is left to the property owner. Nonetheless, a top re-vegetation and landscaping firm will offer aftercare maintenance even after germination to ensure that the landscape achieves the desired aesthetic look.