Questions You Should Answer Before Hiring Surveyors

Posted on: 19 March 2018

The results of a land survey can save you a lot of money or cost you massively if the results have an error. You can limit the risks associated with survey errors by selecting land surveyors carefully. This article discusses some questions that you should answer before you hire any surveyor.

What Is The Future Availability of The Surveyor?

You may need to obtain an extra copy of a land survey a few years later. You could also need some additional survey work to be done on your property. It is better to select a land surveyor who will be readily available for any additional work that you may have. This is because working with the same firm or individual can confer several advantages, such as preferential rates for repeat business. A survey company may be better than a solo surveyor in this regard.

Why Is The Price Different?

You should ask yourself why the price that is quoted by a given surveyor differs significantly from what other surveyors are charging for the same service. The competitively priced surveyor may have better technology to complete the job faster (using fewer workers) than what would be possible without that advanced technology. However, the rate may be lower because the surveyor may do the bare minimum to earn the payment. Ask for a detailed itemised statement of the deliverables so that you can be sure about the thoroughness of what will be done.

Have My Needs Been Assessed?

You should also select a land surveyor based on how thorough that person has been while assessing your needs. For example, the surveyor will ask you a lot of questions to understand what you want to achieve. Such a surveyor can then advise you about the most appropriate type of land survey that you need. The surveyor will also be less likely to levy extra charges from what is contained in the quote since the quote will be based on your requirements. Be wary of surveyors who give you a quote without investigating what your exact needs are.

Talk to different land surveyors or survey companies before you select one to perform the survey work available. Comparing the services or quotes of the different entities will give you a good idea about the average cost of having a survey done. You will then be certain that the company or individual you hire will do a good job cost-effectively.