Commercial Landscaping: How to Make Your Landscaping Features Stand Out

Posted on: 15 March 2018

The outdoor appearance of your business premises plays a critical role in determining the overall outlook of your company. If the pathways are well maintained, the lawns mowed and the flowers weeded, new clients and other business associates will be attracted to you. Proper landscaping is not only crucial in beautifying your property, but it can also help drum up more business. That's why you need to pay attention to your landscaping features and the impact that they have on the entire property.

This article will teach you some simple tips that you can utilise to make your landscaping plants, flowers and other features stand out and increase the curb appeal of your business premises.

Choose appealing plants

Not every plant that's meant for landscaping is appealing to the eye. Take time to research and find some attractive plants that will improve the curb appeal of your property. Do not shy away from colour. Use plants and flowers with warm and cool hues to add visual appeal and make your premises stand out from others in the area. When people pass by and see beautiful plants, they will most likely want to come in and see what your business has to offer.

Go with a minimalist look

As you work on your landscape, avoid using too many plants of different families, species and colours. Instead of making your property look attractive, too many features make it look busy and unappealing to the eye. Go for a minimalist look—use fewer plants, but make sure that they deliver on curb appeal. For example, plant a few plants or flowers outside the business in a strategic pattern. Although few, the plants will look more appealing to the eye than if you used many of them. Follow this advice when working on the rest of the property, as well.

Include hardscaping features

Landscaping is not all about planting flowers and plants on your commercial property. You can also include hardscaping features such as a water fountain, a retaining wall, concrete or brick kerbing and pathways, and stonework. When used together with attractive plants, these features can significantly improve the appearance of the outdoor space. Assess the available space and your budget so that you can work on adding one or two hardscaping displays in your premises. For example, a fountain or stone sculpture outside the building can draw attention to your business.

Commercial landscaping is all about improving curb appeal and making your building stand out from others in the neighbourhood. Contact an expert so that they can help you choose the best landscaping features that suit your business premises.