Mower Parts to Keep on Hand for DIY Repairs

Posted on: 12 March 2018

An expensive piece of equipment that most homeowners and renters purchase is a lawnmower. These items can be a huge investment and one that requires a certain level of routine maintenance. If there is a need for repairs, you will need to have mower parts on hand to help make the repair easier. Beyond the tools you will need, like screwdrivers and wrenches, there are other mower parts to consider.

Carburetor Kits

The carburetor can be costly to repair due to the labour and the parts involved. There are several small parts that can be easily missed, lost or broken. For this repair, or future issues related to the carburetor you may want to consider buying a carburetor kit for your lawnmower. These kits can be purchased for your specific make and model of mower. The kits are available at most hardware and landscaping equipment stores as well. Keep in mind if the carburetor is clogged the fuel will not move through the system well and can cause total mower breakdowns.

Wheel Assembly

You may think that if your landscape is flat or fairly even the wheels to your mower are not in danger. The truth is, you may hit a point in the landscape where you run into a stone or a fallen tree limb. This can hit the wheel assembly and damage the wheel. If this is the case, it may be difficult to find a replacement wheel easily. Having a wheel assembly in your motor parts supply list to help with this repair. The assembly will help with several issues of  wheel damage or drive gears on the wheel area becoming stripped and causing operation issues.

Oil Filters

Oil filters are part of the routine maintenance of your mower. It may not be considered a motor part like spark plugs or carburetor kits, but it is a part that needs to be changed out. Oil filters are a part that many people buy in bulk. This is due to oil filters needing a change at different rates. The timing depends on how often you use the mower and how much debris may be going through the filter clogging it.

By having these mower parts on hand, you can help make the DIY repair easier. Keep in mind that if there are parts that are harder to find or costly, those are the parts that you should buy and keep on hand first. This will help reduce costs later and will help ensure you have the part without a long waiting period. If you are ready to buy these motor parts, visit your local hardware store for pricing and ordering.