3 Reasons to Use Solar Generators for Landscaping Projects

Posted on: 12 March 2018

If you are taking on a large project to upgrade your landscape, then you know there is a great need for a power supply. You may need to keep certain items going and charged, like power saws or mixers. If this is the case, then the traditional option is to go with a gas powered generator. If you are trying to lower your costs, be more eco-friendly, and keep the power source you need then consider these three reasons to use solar generators for your landscaping project.

Reduced Sound Pollution

Traditional fuel powered generators have one thing in common. They tend to add to the sound pollution of the environment. They can be very loud and can disturb not only people working on your landscape, but also your neighbors as well. In fact, there are some cities that have ordinances in place against the use of certain generators. A solar-powered generator does not have this noise issue. The operate quietly and can be used for outdoor landscaping and with smaller indoor projects like the building of an enclosed swimming area or patio.

Reduced Operating Costs

One of the leading reasons people switch from a fuel generator to solar generators is the reduced operating cost. With a fuel generator you may need to refill the fuel daily if not more often. It will depend greatly on how often the generator is used. A solar power option can be refilled naturally. In some cases, you can also buy a solar generator that stores the energy it collects in backup units and can capture energy as it is operated. It requires no fuel and no electrical power, so the energy costs are minimal.

Reduced Accident Issues

When you use a fuel based generator, you have the generator as well as a power cord running to that generator. The power cord, especially if it is a color that blends in with the landscaping, can become a potential accidental issue. Someone can trip over the generator cord or it can be caught up in other landscaping equipment being used. A solar generator does not have this issue. This means you have the reduced issue of potential accidents at the site of the landscaping project.

Solar power generators are available in various sizes and power output amounts. If you aren't sure what type of solar generator you need, then contact your local hardware store. They can help with the type that is best for you and help you with pricing and purchasing information.