3 Ways To Use Sandstone Landscaping Products To Add Character To Your New Garden

Posted on: 6 March 2018

Moving into a freshly constructed, brand new home is an exciting event for many Australian homeowners. Inside, everything will be pristine and modern and a joy to live in. However, the garden of a brand new home usually leaves a lot to be desired. Often, it still resembles a building site, and if you're lucky enough to have had turf laid, you're still only left with a stark stretch of bare grass with no other landscaping completed. 

Landscaping a garden yourself will take time, and even when fully planted out, it will be many months before your plants and trees have grown to maturity. Adding attractive hard landscaping features is a great way to add character, structure and charm to a garden even if the garden beds aren't as verdant as you'd like just yet.

Sandstone is an excellent choice as a material for creating beautiful hard landscaping features in your new garden. It's a light, easy-to-work-with and cost-effective stone variety and has a rustic, classic and elegantly worn-in finish that adds instant character to your garden. Here are three ways that you can use sandstone landscaping materials in your new backyard.

1. Sandstone pavers

Pavers are an excellent way to break up a large expanse of lawn and to create intriguing pathways to different areas of your garden. Sandstone pavers are light and easy to install yourself. They don't require expert knowledge or specialised tools. You'll simply need to cut out a piece of turf and lay a shallow base of gravel or crushed concrete for adequate drainage.

2. Sandstone boulders

Boulders can make a striking feature in a garden, adding a visual variation in height when plants are still small and less imposing. Boulders act like a natural sculpture in a garden which is highly prized when creating a contemporary outdoor living space. Sandstone works well in this role because of the natural striations and layering of colours and textures.

3. Sandstone edging

Edging a garden bed serves two important purposes in a garden. It helps to physically contain the dirt or mulch in the garden bed and acts as a visual barrier between garden bed and lawn. You can buy sandstone that has been cut into long, thin lengths and specifically made for use as edging. The light colours of the stone contrast beautifully with the darker tones of the lawn and the garden bed.

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