4 Reasons Why Laying Mulch Is the Perfect Garden Project for the Reluctant Gardener

Posted on: 5 March 2018

For many people, gardening is a pleasant pastime that they find great enjoyment in performing. For many more, gardening is a dutiful chore or even a dreaded task that's to be avoided at all costs. However, if you are in possession of a garden, then garden you must, even if it's only to do the bare minimum to keep it from becoming overgrown and unruly.

If you're not a natural-born gardener, then you probably like to limit your attention to tasks that are going to have maximum benefit with minimum effort and time spent. For these criteria, laying mulch has to be the easiest and most effective use of your time in the garden. Here are four reasons why laying mulch in your garden beds is the perfect garden project this weekend.

1. It reduces watering needs

Mulch acts like insulation for your garden beds. It keeps your plant roots cool during the summer and warm during the winter, and it also reduces the amount of moisture that evaporates in the sun during the daylight hours. This means your garden will require less water, which is great for you and great for your garden, especially during periods of dry weather.

2. It keeps the weeds at bay

There are few gardening tasks as labour intensive, tedious and never-ending as pulling weeds. It's a job that even the most avid gardeners prefer to avoid. Laying mulch is an excellent way to restrict weed growth in your garden beds and reduce your weeding time. Mulch works by effectively blocking the sunlight that weeds need to germinate and grow.

3. It helps to nurture your soil

Plants thrive in nutrient-rich and well-nurtured soil. Often, poor soil quality means that you'll need to regularly feed your soil with expensive fertilisers to keep your plants happy and healthy. Along with the other benefits, mulch will also help to feed your soil without the need for fertilisers. Because mulch is made from organic materials, it breaks down over time and becomes a rich and nutrient-dense compost for your garden.

4. It acts like a makeover for your garden

There are few gardening tasks that will give your garden an aesthetic makeover as quickly and easily as laying mulch will. Mulch will give your garden a fresh, well-tended look and cover dry, grey soil with a bright and vibrant new look. Using it in all of your garden beds gives you the benefit of unifying the look of the different areas of your garden without changing a single plant or feature.