Fundamental Services That You Can Enlist From an Excavation Company

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Any substantial residential construction project would require some degree of excavation performed on the property. Whether you want to erect a principal structure or are looking to add an extension, your property will have to be prepped professionally. You may be tempted to hire an excavator and carry out this work on your own, but the reality is labour intensive excavation is best done by professional contractors. Therefore, it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with the different excavation services that you could elect to hire. The following are the primary services you can enlist from an excavation company for your residential construction project.

Stripping excavation on your property

One of the fundamental services that you could hire from an excavation company for all residential projects is stripping the property. Stripping is essential as this clears and levels the ground before it can be developed. The excavator company will get rid of the top layer of your property's soil to reach the stable ground underneath. In addition to this, any boulders, rocks, stumps and other debris that is embedded in the earth will be removed to ensure that the ground is as flattened as possible. If you have a tree on your property that you would like to retain, the excavation team can ensure that they work around it so that the stripping process does not adversely affect it.

Channelling excavation on your property

Channelling excavation is commonly referred to as drainage excavation too. This type of service is employed when you are looking to have water appropriately re-directed away from your construction project. To do this, the excavation team will create ditches on your property at strategic points depending on the incline of your slope. Channelling excavation not only helps in reducing the chance of water seeping into your new structure, but it can also help in minimising soil erosion and oversaturation on your property as rainwater will have a designated path for runoff.

Underground excavation on your property

Underground excavation may not be as commonly undertaken as both channelling and stripping but is vital if you are looking to lay down hardware into the ground. Underground excavation primarily facilitates the placement of infrastructure such as plumbing pipes, septic tank installation, fibre-optic cabling and so on. Underground exaction should be exclusively undertaken by professionals to make sure there is minimal land disruption. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra to have the degradation remedied.