Creative Ways of Utilising Pavers in Your Yard

Posted on: 26 February 2018

Pavers are a favourite choice for a multitude of reasons when homeowners are looking to install exterior flooring on their property. For starters, you can acquire pavers in an assortment of materials ranging from concrete, brick and even tile depending on the aesthetic you are trying to curate plus the flexibility of your budget. Secondly, these flat stones are designed to be highly durable, so they are manufactured with heavy usage in mind. Nonetheless, pavers are not exclusively applicable to exterior flooring. If you are looking to augment your yard or boost its practicality, pavers will be an excellent supply to utilise for diverse applications. Homeowners looking for some inspirations should read on to learn creative ways that they can employ pavers in their yard.

Pavers to define exterior living spaces

Australia has one of the best climates for outdoor living. So a good number of homeowners feel the pressure of constructing a formal outdoor living space to make the most of favourable weather. However, erecting a patio, verandah or a deck can be quite expensive, and this would require serious planning and budgeting beforehand. If you prefer a simple and cost-efficient way to create a space for entertaining outdoors, pavers would be right up your alley.

With strategic placement and arrangement of the pavers, you can create defined areas outdoors that can be highly functional. For instance, arranging your pavers under some shade would create the perfect spot for a lounge area, a play area for kids or even a dining space. All you need to do is establish where you want your recreational space to be located and your contractors can install the pavers for you.

Pavers to transition between areas

Another way that you can make the most use of pavers in your yard is a transit path from one part of your property to another. Rather than have people walking all over your grass, the pavers can function as an eye-catching element that directs foot traffic to various areas. For example, if you have a pool area, the pavers can be installed between this space and your lounge area.

Using pavers are transitional walkways does not only make your yard look organised, but it also prevents unnecessary trampling of your turf, which would inevitably lead to increased maintenance of your lawn. Moreover, the pavers will enhance kerb appeal, particularly if you utilise attractive materials, such as terracotta, that will add some colour to the yard.