The Ultimate Guide When Buying and Installing Shade Sails for Commercial Establishments

Posted on: 23 February 2018

Shade sails can be an excellent option for commercial places because, besides providing shade in outdoor spaces, they can be used as advertisement tools to bring in more clients. For these reasons, shade sails are becoming popular in commercial spots such as restaurants and resorts. Compared to an umbrella or awnings, shade sails are very easy to install. Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal that the fabric adds to your modern landscape is unrivalled. Here is a definitive guide when buying and installing shade sails for commercial establishments. 

Price -- The cost of purchasing shade sails depends on various factors such as size, type of material, durability and brand. Therefore, different suppliers offer different prices for the same product. You might find beautiful shade sails with all the qualities you desire, but you are priced out of the market. However, with a diverse range of such products on offer, you can always find quality shade sails that suit your budget. To get the best value for money, it is recommended that you conduct comparison-shopping both locally and online. Consider vendors that offer the best discounts.

High UV Protection -- The fabrics you buy must have ultraviolet protection. Commercial grade fabrics, although pricier, have exceptional UV protection qualities.  

Durability -- When you want to accentuate your commercial landscape, you need shade sails that can withstand the elements. The material should be waterproof so that it doesn't absorb excess water, especially during the rainy season. You do not want a shade sail that will potentially fall on customers just because you did not buy a durable fabric.

Notably, thicker materials are better than thinner ones. Always remember to have a feel of the material before purchase. Moreover, the shade sails should be able to withstand high winds just in case your location experiences extreme winds and storms.

Installation -- Apart from durability, proper installation using the right accessories can make your shade sails last longer. If you decide on a DIY shade sail project, ensure that you have the right tools and accessories. Merely digging shallow holes and inserting the posts won't cut it as strong winds can blow the structure down. The holes should be deep while the posts used must be very strong to support the weight of the shade sails. Consider using posts that are fitted with concrete footings for added stability and strength, and then make sure all the attachments for the sails are strong as well.