How to Add Paving Features to Your Property's Landscaping

Posted on: 23 February 2018

If your property's lawn or landscaping seems to lack a certain style and sense of attraction, it may be that this area simply needs some paving features. Adding concrete blocks and tiles, patio pavers, and other such hard surfaces can break up the look of a large and dull lawn, and also allow flowers and shrubbery to really stand out. Note a few tips on adding paving features to your property's lawn and landscaping, so that you create an outdoor space that you really love.


Putting a walkway through your yard can keep that grassy lawn from looking too large and downright boring. To do this, pick an anchor in the yard, such as a shed or tree, and create a walkway to that with patio pavers or other tiles.

If your yard doesn't have such an anchor, create one! Invest in a bench, quaint shed, small greenhouse, arch or small landscaping tree you can plant in the middle of the yard. Add a walkway from the home to that spot; put down decorative gravel or plant flowers to the sides of the walkway for more visual interest and texture, and this will also help to break up the green of the lawn.


Consider the landscaping you have close to your home and if it really stands out and is noticeable. If not, you might need a stronger border between that landscaping and the lawn. Opt for concrete kerbing you can have painted a bright colour, such as a crisp white or rusty red. You can also set down patio pavers in a long row in front of that landscaping, which will. also create a more prominent border and added separation between the landscaping and your lawn. Opt for a paint colour for the kerbing that complements the colour of your home's exterior, such as a sandy brown for a brown home, or a slate grey colour to offset a white home.

Another way to use paving features as a border is to create this enclosure for a tree or other feature that's in the middle of the lawn. Flatten the ground around a mature tree and surround it with patio pavers, to help anchor it and create a more eye-catching attraction. If you have a small vegetable garden in the yard, create this same paved border around that area, to make the garden attractive and not just functional for growing.